Air Freight

Sambekiel & Co Resources Ltd is an international freight forwarder company with years of specialization in air transportation, moving shipments to and fro many locations. Our well trained and experienced team always finds the most cost efficient solutions to forward your freight by air.

Our business is constantly evolving, hence we comply with all international air cargo security regulations. We ensure full screening and compliance checking to make ensure our customer’s cargo will not be delayed.

We are Sales and House Agent for many airlines. By using our international network and relations we make sure our clients have the best forwarding solutions for their cargo.

Our Air Freight services:

  • Import, export, transit services
  • Economy to Express
  • Ocean/Air service via EDC
  • Gateway system
  • Chartering
  • On-Board-Courier
  • Able to provide palletizing
  • Service options: express, economy and deferred
  • Domestic and international distribution
  • Dangerous Goods