Ware housing

Sambekiel resources Ltd provides warehousing for both in bound and out bound consignments.

Our ware houses are spread across various locations within Nigeria and beyond.

We assist our clients especially foreign to secure a warehouse locally while our local clients who do not have warehouse while his/her goods have landed, we clear and store them temporalily for a fee pending when the goods are sold, distributed,shipped or transported to any area of his/her choice

In order to deliver competitive advantage nationwide, we help model your facility layout and design in alignment with your operational processes. Our dedicated team of professionals analyzes your entire supply chain in order to gather information and make informed decisions and recommendations. Quality and continuous improvement are our everyday goals and we aim to implement processes and procedures that lead to the reduction of total logistics costs for our client

All our facilities are fitted with advanced security technologies and advanced video surveillance coverage 24 hours daily.  All staffs are entries are tracked and you can be rest assured that we are fully insured.